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Bullskin Township Elementary

Anissa Stafford » Mrs. Stafford's First Grade Class

Mrs. Stafford's First Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Stafford's page!  


      Classroom Supplies


These are some extra school supplies your child will be using throughout the school year.  Please send these with your child if possible.  Put your child’s name on any supplies sent to school.  Due to the books we will be keeping in our desks, we do not have room for binders or extra folders.  I will provide your child with a

folder to use daily.


Glue Stick                                                                       Pointed Scissors

(we use lots of these)                                                                     Most children prefer to have

their own scissors rather than

share class scissors


Crayons                                                                             Pencil Box

Many students prefer                                                                      Please do not get the

a variety pack of crayons                                                                  kind that locks.  

instead of the 8 pack we supply

Markers                                                                              Erasers

(optional) Pink ones work much

better than the cute ones

Tissues                                                                                Clorox Wipes   

We get lots of stuffy                                                                        For desk tops

noses throughout the year! (not the kind for hands)